Matcha Almond Joy (Coconut Macaroon Recipe)

Sometimes I get this craving for coconut macaroons that hits me out of nowhere. In this case I kept thinking about Almond Joy chocolate bars, which sparked the craving for coconut, and then coconut macaroons. Now pair that random craving with a little (okay major) obsession with matcha, and that is how I came up …

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Vegan Pavlova

This dessert is perfect for spring/summer time because it is super fresh, and it is a great way to showcase fruit that is in season. It is also a great choice for entertaining friends who have many allergies or dietary restrictions because this is egg-free, dairy-free, nut-free, but definitely not flavour-free. This is a dessert that is guaranteed to please all.

White Chocolate Mousse-Filled Chocolate Easter Eggs

Hello!! Happy Easter/Passover everyone! To celebrate, I made giant chocolate eggs filled with white chocolate mousse and mango gelée. I meant to make many (smaller) eggs, but because I went egg mould shopping a little too last minute, I was stuck with these huge moulds from the dollar store. This resulted in two giant eggs. …

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