Collagen Cookie Recipe

I was first introduced to collagen in 2018 when I first started working at the plant-based healthy food cafe downtown Toronto. Being the baker that I was, I was almost convinced that it was the same as gelatin because of its texture and odor when sprinkled into liquid. I soon learned, it was not the same. While gelatin was used for setting liquids in a jelly-like texture, collagen was a slightly expensive powder supplement that people were paying extra to have it added to their daily coffee or smoothie beverage.

Although as soon as I learned about it’s effect on skin after a few weeks of usage, I was hooked on this product. Who wouldn’t want to consume something that would guarantee firm, supple, and smooth skin? I also learned from a fellow ex-coworker that she took it daily in order to help her digestion system since she suffered from leaky gut syndrome — a condition where the lining of the stomach is damaged to the point where undigested food particles will actually leak out of the gut into the bloodstream and cause the body to go into an autoimmune response. After hearing about collagen’s possible healing properties, it sounded like gold to me.

Fast forward to a few months ago, I was scrolling down instagram when I stumbled upon a collagen cookie recipe by Sugar and Stirred. I always thought of collagen as a healthy food supplement, but I had never seen it being incorporated into baked goods, especially since baked goods are usually considered “junk” food. Intrigued, I saved the post and am now revisiting it today because it just so happens that my mom-in-law had two extra bags of collagen and gave me some. It’s the perfect time to experiment!

In my youtube video, I show you how to make it, as well as my own review of the cookies as I try it out on camera. Feel free to check it out below!

Here is the recipe, adapted from the collagen coconut oil cookie recipe from Sugar and Stirred. Feel free to substitute the butter for 1/2 cup or 108g coconut oil, and the milk chocolate chips for dark chocolate chips in order to make the recipe dairy free, and if you can’t get your hands on coconut sugar, brown sugar is a perfect 1:1 replacement. Lastly, if you wish to use all-purpose flour instead of oat flour, use 1-1/4 cup or 150g all-purpose flour.

Collagen Cookie Recipe

  • Difficulty: easy
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This recipe makes about 24 cookies.


113g (1/2 cup) soft butter
150g (3/4 cup) coconut sugar
1 large egg
4g (1 tsp) vanilla extract

200g (2 cups) oat flour (ground oats)
24g (1/4 cup) collagen peptides
3g (3/4 tsp) baking powder
1g (1/4 tsp) salt

150g (3/4 cup) chocolate chips
65g (1/2 cup) chopped raw walnuts


  1. Line a small baking tray with parchment paper and set aside.
  2. In a medium/large mixing bowl, beat the butter with a spatula until smooth. Add the sugar and vanilla, and cream together until just combined and smooth.
  3. Add the egg and stir until combined.
  4. In a separate medium bowl, whisk the flour, collagen, baking powder, and salt.
  5. Add the dry ingredients to the butter sugar mixture, and stir until mostly combined.
  6. Add in the chocolate chips and walnut pieces and stir until the cookie dough is fully mixed in and no dry bits remain.
  7. Scoop the dough using a small cookie scoop or two teaspoons, and place onto the lined baking tray and cover with plastic wrap to chill for 30 min minimum, overnight maximum.
  8. After the cookie dough is completely chilled, preheat the oven to 350F/180C and place it onto another lined baking tray leaving about 1 inch of space between each cookie.
  9. Bake for about 12-14 minutes or until the cookie is matte and the edges are golden brown.
  10. Leave it to cool and enjoy!

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