3 Healthy Breakfast Recipes for When You’ve Been Drinkin’

Last weekend I made a last minute decision to go to Toronto’s Festival of Beer with my best friends and my fiancé. It turned out to be a great day spent indulging in beer, wine, tacos, oysters, and poutine, and performances by Ja Rule and Ashanti at the end of the night which threw me to the early 2000’s. This whole day of drinking is what lead me to create three breakfast recipes that I thought would be a good way to bring me back to healthy eating — or at least try to. These breakfast recipes are recipes that I’ve been creating over many years, always tweaking and changing a few ingredients here and there, but always staying pretty much the same. Tried and true!

The first recipe is a traditional pancake recipe upgraded with rye flour and almond flour instead of regular all-purpose white flour in order to avoid the energy crash and burn you would get from refined flour. It also gets the addition of Greek yogurt for a little extra moisture, tenderness, and a little protein.

Healthy Pancakes

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This recipe makes about 6 medium-sized pancakes, about 2 servings.


72g (3/4 cup) rye flour
75g (3/4 cup) almond flour
3g (1 tsp) baking powder
1g (1/4 tsp) baking soda
1g (1/4 tsp) salt

125g (1/2 cup) milk
71g (1/4 cup) Greek yogurt
50g (1/4 cup) maple syrup
30g (2 tbsp) melted butter or oil
1 egg


  1. In a medium mixing bowl, whisk all the dry ingredients together. Set aside.
  2. In a separate small bowl or jug, whisk together all the wet ingredients.
  3. Make a well in the centre of the dry ingredients and pour the wet ingredients in. Whisk together just until combined.
  4. Place a clean and dry frying pan onto low/medium heat. When the pan is hot, place down 1/4 cup of batter onto the pan to create the pancake. Flip once the middle of the pancake has started bubbling, and the edges of the pancake have cooked through, looking matte. Cook about 2 min on each side.
  5. Stack the pancakes, top any way you like, and enjoy!

The second recipe is a delicious creamy oat recipe that is easily customizable to your tastes and desires. It’s dairy free, free of refined sugars, loaded with cinnamon, and super filling — guaranteed to keep you feeling full all morning long.

Cinnamon Date Oats

  • Difficulty: easy
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58g (1/3 cup) steel cut oats
34g (1/4 cup) whole raw almonds
167g (2/3 cup) water
25g dates (about 3 large dates)
2g (1.5 tsp) cinnamon
10g (1 tbsp) coconut oil


  1. Blend all the ingredients except the oats in a high-speed blender until smooth.
  2. Place the oats into a medium saucepan and pour the blended liquid mixture over the oats. Cook over low/medium heat for 4-6 min or until soft and tender. Alternatively, pour over the oats and let soak, covered, overnight, and adjust the texture by adding a little milk of choice or water to loosen the oats before serving/eating.

The last recipe is a revitalizing green smoothie packed with greens, fresh ginger, chia seeds and matcha. The base should always consist of greens like baby spinach or kale, A bit of frozen fruit for texture, sweetness and all around deliciousness, fresh ginger for indigestion, anti-inflammation, and the wonderful zinggggg that brings the flavour together. If you’re feeling bold, feel free to add a 1/4 tsp of bee pollen for all the amazing health benefits it has to offer, as well as 1/2 tsp of matcha powder for those antioxidants + a calm and slow caffeine kick. If you happen to have mint chlorophyll on hand like some weird people (aka me), throw some in there too. Lastly, a heaping tbsp of hemp seeds or vegan protein powder for protein, and ground flaxseeds if you want some extra fibre in your smoothie.

Revitalizing Green Smoothie

  • Difficulty: Easy
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30g (1 cup or 2 handfuls) greens such as spinach or kale
110g (3/4 cup) of frozen fruit, I prefer frozen mangoes or pineapple
7-14g (1-2 tbsp or inches) of fresh ginger, peeled
14g (1 tbsp) of chia seeds
5g (1 tsp) of lemon juice

Optional additions:

1.5g (1/4 tsp) bee pollen
1g (1/2 tsp) matcha powder
5g (1 tsp) mint chlorophyll
10g (1 heaping tbsp) hemp seeds
30g (2 tbsp) vegan protein powder
7g (1 tbsp) flaxseeds
250g (1 cup) water

1/4 cup ice (feel free to use more ice, less water for a thicker, colder smoothie)


  1. Add all the ingredients into a blender and blend on high speed until smooth. Enjoy!

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