Edible Cookie Dough Recipe

Do you ever get a random craving for cookie dough? I always did as a child and I sometimes still do, to this day. As a kid, I always made my own cookie dough from scratch, and I would taste it before baking them off, stopping myself after a few bites since my mother said I would get a tummy-ache from eating too much. As I grew older, I figured out I could just create edible cookie dough, and allow myself to eat as much as I wanted without the fear of food poisoning.

These days I keep finding myself scrolling through instagram and seeing foodie/food blogger accounts posting scoops of edible cookie dough shops all around the city. This is what started my big craving to find one of these stores, and get my hands on some cookie dough. I visited DoughTO, a pop-up cookie dough shop on Queen W here in Toronto, and got myself a jar of cookie dough for $10 or $11.30 with tax. After eating a couple (many) spoonfuls, I had the idea of creating my own cookie dough — something that was quick, easy, and would satisfy my cookie dough cravings anytime they appeared.

I ended up taking my chocolate chip cookie recipe, reducing the yield, simplifiying it, removing the eggs and baking powder since they’re not needed for raw cookie dough, and cooking the flour to 160F or 71C to make it safe to eat. The result — a pretty dry and sad cookie dough. I figured that I needed to compensate for the lack of moisture from the removal of the eggs, so I added in about two tablespoons of milk. This is what made the cookie dough perfect.

Feel free to watch my whole video below! Here is the recipe:

Edible Cookie Dough

  • Difficulty: easy
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This recipe makes about 1 cup of dough or 2 servings.


80g (2/3 cup) heat-treated all purpose flour
1g (1/2 tsp) salt
56g (1/4 cup) soft butter
105g (1/2 cup) brown sugar
5g (1 tsp) vanilla extract
30g (2 tbsp) milk
20g (1/8 cup) milk chocolate chips
20g (1/8 cup) dark chocolate chips


  1. In a small saucepan over low heat while constantly mixing with a wooden spoon, and measuring the temperature with a thermometer, cook the flour to 160F or 71C, about 5 min. Take off heat and set aside to cool.
  2. In a medium bowl and using a spatula, cream the butter, salt, brown sugar, and vanilla extract, and milk until it is smooth, and fully combined.
  3. Add in the cooled heat-treated flour, and the chocolate chips. Stir until just combined.
  4. Place into a glass jar or airtight container, and keep in the fridge for up to 1 week. Enjoy!!


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