Flower Crown Cake

Hi again! It is me, coming at you with another cake decorating video and tutorial!! I recently made a cake that only had three requirements; coffee flavour, buttercream flowers, and Tiffany blue colouring, and I ended up going wild and creating a flower crown cake. It was so fun to make, and I hope that maybe I have inspired a few of you to make one as well, and speaking of which, please take a photo and tag me on instagram @allysaw if you do, my heart will burst of happiness if you do so!!!


So here is how I made the cake; I started by baking my coffee cake, and doing the usual cut, simple syrup soak, and buttercream fill, but because my cake needed to have coffee flavour, I flavoured about 1/3 of my buttercream with coffee extract, and dyed about 1/4 of the remaining plain vanilla buttercream Tiffany blue. I masked the cake, and I made a watercolour effect using smears of tiffany blue buttercream and my handy dandy icing smoother. Always taste your buttercream before adding in all of your coffee, so you can put in the amount that suits your tastebuds best.

Here are the tips I used for the flowers.
Top left: Ateco 126, my go-to flower tip. I used this for all my roses and flower buds, which is just a rose that has been started but not completed.
Top right: Wilton 1B, which I used the “drop-piping” technique to make the base flowers that are similar to carnations, or as I called it in my video, popcorn flowers haha.
Bottom left: Wilton 352, my favourite leaf tip! When using this tip, remember that the top two points are the top and buttom of the leaf.
Bottom right: Wilton 224, the tip I used for finishing touches. I used this with my dark blue buttercream to fill in some extra gaps.


Whenever I work with buttercream flowers, it’s always better to start with big flowers first. Map out where you’re going to place your flowers, add in the big flowers, and then work your way through with the smaller flowers and pipe in some leaves last — it’s almost guaranteed to look good, and of course, have fun with it!!!

If you’d like to watch how I did it, check it out below!

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