Homemade Chocolate Peppermint Marshmallows

Hello and happy holidays! I just got back from sunny and beautiful Cuba, and because I’ve been in vacation mode I just realized I made a video tutorial for homemade chocolate peppermint marshmallows, but I totally forgot to post this recipe. SOOO, about a week later, here it is *facepalm*. I hope you are all enjoying the holidays as much as I clearly am haha.

These chocolate peppermint marshmallows are the perfect last minute gift or for when you want to indulge over the holidays. My favourite way to use these marshmallows are for peppermint hot chocolate (which I’ve also included below). Sooooo good.

Homemade marshmallows are such a treat since they’re are so fluffy and soft – nothing like store-bought marshmallows. Everyone should try homemade marshmallows because it really changes your perspective on marshmallows. It’s life-changing. NOW, add in the flavour combination of chocolate and peppermint and you’ve got pure heaven.

Just a quick note, you will need a candy thermometer for this, and the marshmallows need to “cure” or set, for at least 3 hours to overnight.

Here’s the recipe!

This makes about 36 marshmallows in an 8×8” pan.

Homemade Chocolate Peppermint Marshmallows

  • Difficulty: medium
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For the marshmallow:
296g (1 1/2 cups) Sugar
192g (2/3 cups) Corn Syrup
92g (1/3 cups) Water
92g (1/3 cups) cold water (for gelatin)
14g (2 packs or 1 tbsp) Powdered gelatin
15g (1 tbsp) Cocoa Powder
2 drops peppermint extract***
For coating and topping:
50g (1/2 cup) Cocoa powder
100g (1 cup) icing sugar
5 medium candy canes, crushed (for topping)
Christmas sprinkles (optional)
Vegetable Oil, for brushing the sides of your pan

*** Note: the brand I use (LorAnn Oils) is very strong and only requires a few drops to flavour a whole batch. If your peppermint extract is not as strong, use a teaspoon.

  1. Oil the bottom and sides of your pan, then line it with parchment, with the paper coming up and over the sides so it’s easier to pull the marshmallows out later on. Oil the parchment as well.
  2. Start by combining your sugar, corn syrup, and water in a small saucepan. Try not to get too much sugar on the sides of your pot. Set aside.
  3. Pour the second amount of water into your stand mixer bowl, and sprinkle the powdered gelatin over the water. Let it stand for a few minutes until the water has been absorbed and the gelatin has become a solid mass (this is called blooming the gelatin, which is necessary when using gelatin).
  4. Sift your cocoa powder over the gelatin, and using a whisk attachment, mix the cocoa powder and gelatin until just combined.
  5. Put your sugar syrup on high heat and brush the sides of the pot with water and a pastry brush if you have some sugar on the sides of the pot. (This prevents pre-crystallization of your sugar syrup. No one wants pre-crystallization!!!)
  6. Heat your sugar syrup to 122C or 252F, and pour it into your stand mixer mixing on a low speed. Once all the sugar is in the bowl, gradually bring the speed up to high and whip the mixture until it is pale, fluffy, and stiff. This will take anywhere from 8-12 minutes.
  7. Working quickly, pour the mixture into your prepared pans and sprinkle with candy canes and sprinkles.
  8. Let the marshmallows set for a minimum of 3 hours, but preferably overnight.
  9. When the marshmallows have set, run a knife around the edge to loosen them, and turn over onto a clean surface dusted with the cocoa powder/icing sugar mixture.
  10. Cut the marshmallow square into 6 rows and columns to create 36 equal marshmallows. Try to keep your knife as clean as possible between cuts and dust either side of the knife with your cocoa icing sugar mixture to help prevent sticking and make cutting a lot easier.
  11. Toss your marshmallows in the rest of the cocoa icing sugar to coat all the freshly cut sides of the marshmallows and prevent sticking.

Check out the video tutorial below. Happy holidays and enjoy!! ❤️🎅🏻

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